Swimming Pool Information

Pool information for the 2019 season will be posted soon.  

More Information

  • Call Hingham Recreation prior to 6/23 at 781-741-1464
  • Swimming Pool Telephone: 781-740-2750 (after 6/23)
  • Directed by Hingham Recreation

New Pool / Athletic Facility process

Hingham’s town-owned pool, located at the South Shore Country Club (“SSCC”) has  served our community since it was built in the 1950’s and purchased by  the Town in the 1980’s.  The structure supporting the pool has  deteriorated and the pool systems are failing.

With a grant provided by the Hingham Community Preservation Committee, which was approved at the 2017 Town Meeting, an architectural firm, with  considerable experience in building and restoring public pools, was  retained to complete a Pool Feasibility Study. In the course of this  Study, it was determined that the existing pool facility has exceeded  its use-life and that it would not be financially responsible to attempt to restore the pool at its present location. The Study is recommending a new location on the SSCC property for the pool facility and has  determined the pool programs and related amenities that would best serve our community and, at the same time, allow the facility to be  operationally self-sufficient.

The final step of this Study is this Community Survey. The purpose of the  Community Survey is to verify the information developed by our  professional consulting team as part of the Study and to determine the  actual level of interest in a town-owned swimming pool and fitness facility at the SSCC.

The survey is now closed.

Further information:

SSCC Pool/Athletic Facility Fact Sheet

SSCC Pool/Athletic Facility Presentation