Girls Night Out

Beginner and Intermediate Ladies Golf Instruction

Enjoy a one hour golf lesson at our practice area
with the golf professionals from SSCC and their staff followed by food and drinks!

Instruction includes both short and long game, specialty shots, etiquette and rules!

Last Wednesday of every month we take the lessons onto the golf course!

Cost & Registration

$30.00/Lesson - Pay as you go!

Every lesson includes a $10.00 food and beverage voucher

Meet and network with ladies in our area!

Lessons begin Wednesday, May 2nd

RSVP each week to: Mike Libby, Assistant Golf Pro
First 40 ladies to RSVP will be guaranteed a spot

Pre-Season Welcome

Hello GNO Golfers!

I hope you have all had a fun and safe winter and thank you again for participating in GNO.

The weather appears to be improving and we are getting closer to starting our Girls Night Out program for 2018. I wanted to be sure to pass along to you some changes to this program.

Most of you probably do not know that when GNO began almost 15 years ago it was strictly an instructional program. It was a night that we could introduce ladies to the game of golf in a casual and fun atmosphere. Slowly it has morphed into much more than that, which is amazing but we have somewhat forgotten the purpose of this program.

Many of you started with us at the practice facility, became comfortable enough to then take your talents to the course with an instructor and then eventually started playing on your own…GNO did its job and made you ready for that moment. You have “graduated”.

Much like every other program that SSCC offers, whether adult or junior, the “cycle” must start again and we will be offering GNO as strictly an instructional program.

Instruction at our practice facility will begin at 6:00pm on May 2nd. The last Wednesday of each month we will take instruction onto the golf course. The cost is $30.00 per class and it includes a $10.00 voucher to be used for food and/or drink at the restaurant. You may use the voucher that night or save it for a different time. A spot in the clinic will be guaranteed to the first 40 ladies who RSVP. After that we will do our absolute best to accommodate you but we cannot guarantee you a spot.

Please RSVP Mike Libby at

I am sure that some of you are disappointed in this change and we completely understand. We loved having you and we would still love to have you! There are playing times available on Thursday afternoons either with our 9-hole ladies league (The Tee Club) or after the league amongst yourselves (make your own groups). Neither of those opportunities are a part of the Girls Night Out program and would require you to pay all associated green/league fees. If you are interested in either of these options please let us know and we can help you coordinate with the necessary people.

Thank you all very much and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

Girls Night Out 2018