Junior Golf Camps For Advanced Players

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1. NEW – New to golf; has never hit golf balls or held a golf club.

2. NOVICE – Has hit on a driving range or tried to play on the golf course. 

3. INTERMEDIATE – Comfortable hitting golf balls on the range, playing at least 3 holes, and keeping score; May aspire to play on a high school golf team.

4. ADVANCED – Can play at least 9-18 holes and keep score; May currently play on a golf team and is seeking improvement. May aspire to play at the collegiate level. 

Intermediate Camps – The intermediate camps are for juniors who have an understanding of the basic golf shots and want to continue to improve and become better. The camps will go into more detail on the golf swing and technique. The camp will include one on one instruction, full swing and short game instruction and fun games that will help each junior on all aspect of golf. Cost of camp $125.00

Advanced Camps -- The Advanced camps are target for junior golfers 13 to 18, who are have conquered the basics of the golf swing and are looking to play competitive golf in the future. This camp will focus more on one on one instruction trying to pin point the students swing problems and fixing it. Students will also be able to go out onto the course for on course instruction from the instructors, as well as be put into competitive golf situations with the other students in the class to ease their nerves and prepare them for competitive golf. Advance camps include both on and off course instruction. Cost of camp $225.00

Intermediate Camp Mondays 4:00- 5:00

Advance Camp Mondays 5:30 -7:00

Four week’s starting May 7th

***The instructor has the discretion to determine what level a junior really is. If the instructor determines that a junior is enrolled in a camp that they are not ready for (wrong level) the junior will be moved to the correct camp, no questions asked.

Will be developing more camps for May and June.