Junior Golf Membership

Junior Golfers and Families,

We have made some significant changes to our Junior Golf program.

Our goal as a public-municipal facility is to promote and provide golf for all ages and ability levels.  To accomplish this even more we have rethought our Junior Golf Playing Programs as you will see below.

We hope that you will take advantage of this great opportunity!

Apply Now

2019 Junior Permit Application 

Summer Events

July 30
Summer Championship

August 20
Junior Club Championship

September 22
Fall Championship (9 Holes)

2018 Rates

Junior Permits Resident Non-Resident
Junior (Ages 12-17) $325 $425
Intermediate (Ages 18-20) $425 $525

New Daily Fee Rates

New for 2018 - This will be the first year that we will offer a Junior Weekend Rate.
  9 Holes 18 Holes
Monday - Friday $15 $25
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays $20 $30

More Important News

Benefits of a Junior Permit Holder

  • Ability to make tee times 2 days in advance
  • Discounted entry fees into Junior Championship Events
  • Free USGA handicap
  • 2 free buckets of range balls a day
  • Reduced rates on lessons and clinics

SSCC Adopts the 7-11 Rule for Junior Golfers

The 7-11 rule was created by the G.A.J.U. Golf Association of Michigan.  This rule will not only help pace of play but also keep juniors from being discouraged while playing golf.  

The rule states that a junior golfer may make 7 attempts to reach the green of each hole.  If he or she does not the junior will pick up their ball and place it at the front edge of the putting surface.  The junior then can attempt 4 putts to finish the hole and will pick up and mark their score at no more than an 11.

**NEW FOR 2018**

Important playing privilege information! All juniors are permitted to play Monday-Friday anytime.

On weekends and holidays juniors are invited to play after 12pm with an adult in their group or after 1pm on their own (no adult necessary).

“A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course.  Golf teaches you how to behave”

-Jack Nicklaus